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Dying trees need rescue, tips here

The summer drought is turning trees all over east Texas into potentially dangerous objects.

The way that piece just snapped off, I don't give this tree much hope.

East Texas trees are desperately in need of water, and cooler weather.

"I'm afraid even if we get some relief and get some rain, we're going to keep seeing these trees browning off, and the majority of these trees aren't coming back," says certified arborist, Eric Artmire.

With a spring drought leading us into a summer drought, these trees never got a break.

"We're going to lose trees in 2012, and the year after, and the year after that," says Artmire.  

"This thermometer is reading this bare soil at over a hundred and fifty degrees, which just three inches under neath that it's got to be over a hundred degrees still, so in order to save your tree, you can put some hay over your tree soil or even mulch, either way, it can save the life of your tree," says KLTV's Annette Falconer.

The different mix of materials will protect your tree roots from further drought damage.

Artmire says, "It acts like insulation, keeps it very cool and retains moisture."

By covering your soil, and watering you're also saving lots of little lives, like earthworms, that help your tree from underneath.

If you would like to learn more about other tree issues, and how to care for your trees, you can go to the KLTV web page, and click on the big red box.

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