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T-shirts causing a controversy in high school

NEWBURGH, IN (WFIE) - A study of over 4,000 students in Gibson, Warrick, and Posey Counties shows that most teens don't drink and Youth First is using these results to make not drinking cool.

Youth First passed out t-shirts at Castle High School Thursday that read "Most of us rarely drink alcohol."

A 2009 study found that seven out of 10 teens never or rarely drink alcohol.

"Rarely" is defined as fewer than two times per year.

While the t-shirts may appear to some as an advertisement for the occasional underage drink, Youth First says honesty and conversation are important tools to curb youth drinking.

"Most kids think their friends do [drink] and so we want to correct that misperception because if their peers are doing it then they maybe will feel more comfortable making a risky choice," says President and CEO of Youth First, Parri Black. "So, that's the whole idea behind it, and the way to really be successful in this research approach to prevention is to have a lot of conversation."

Youth First also did a survey at EVSC a few years ago with the same results.

They're preparing to do a second survey in Posey, Gibson and Warrick Counties to follow up.

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There's an online poll and you can join the conversation already underway on the topic.

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