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Kitchen fire displaces Gladewater family

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - Donations are being set up for a family of six who lost everything when a kitchen fire grew out of control, destroying their home.

John and Renee Grubbs are trying to find anything salvageable at this home, after a cooking fire got out of hand.

Renee says she "turned the burner on, walked to the other end of the house to deal with something with the kids and before I could even get to the other end of the house my husband was screaming fire. Just a flash went straight up, to the roof."

"I saw a flicker in the corner of my eye turned and looked, the kitchen was full of smoke and there was a big flame," said John.

The fire started just before 8 Monday night and there were six children in this house , all under the ages of 10.

They moved quickly to get their kids and pets out of the house.

Renee said, "We immediately got all the children out and then the animals of course."

"Pretty scary actually you see a flame shooting towards your ceiling, what can I do to get it out to save my family," said John.

Fire crews doused the blaze but not before it had destroyed the inside of the home.

"The main thing was getting the family out when you realize theres no putting it out no way to stop it," he stated.

They saved some of their clothes and pictures, but nothing else.

It was their children that gave perspective to the Grubbs.

According to Renee, "My oldest twin, he actually sat down put his arm around me and said momma it's ok.s bad things happen all the time it wasn't your fault."

Village Cleaners on Loop 281 in Longview is accepting donations for the Grubbs family.

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