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City exterminates rat-infested home

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV) - The city of Whitehouse has hired an exterminator to get rid of those rodents infesting a home that has been abandoned for nearly two years. 

In a very strategic manner, exterminator T.J. Wright lines a home in the 100 block of Lakeview Street with special traps.

"If you move anything you'll never get a true idea of what type of infestation you truly have," said Wright. "I've put them at entry points where they're going into the house."

He says the wood structured home and scattered debris has created a perfect nesting place for rodent infestation. The rodents, Wright says, have more than likely taken over the property.

"It'd probably stink of ammonia," he said. "We'd probably have defecated rats in there, fecal everywhere and it'd probably be wide spread. I probably wouldn't go in there without a mask on."

After nearly two years of the city trying to find the property's owner, Thursday morning they finally tracked them down.

"I went back and started looking through the probate records and I eventually came across a name," said City Manager Mike Peterson.

Peterson says the owner may be surprised by the condition of the home.

"They haven't seen the property so they're not aware of the actual condition so I'm sure when the new owner comes and looks at it tomorrow and he sees the condition of the property there will be some immediate improvements as to what it looks like here," said Peterson.

The city hopes the owner will take an interest in cleaning up the property, helping it fit in with the neighborhood. They also say their plans to condemn the property are no longer in place.

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