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Double D Ranch restraining order extended

(TYLER, TX) - Today the temporary restraining order filed against Double D Ranch Bar and Grill was extended for two more weeks.

You saw this first on KLTV 7's facebook page, just minutes after the judge made a decision. You can "like" us on facebook HERE.

The battle between the restaurant and Toys R Us isn't quite over yet, it's just on a hiatus.

Judge Kennedy reminded the court that this case is about a commercial lease. She said it is not about whether Double D can operate in Tyler or is an appropriate restaurant. Though, she said that may be a more interesting question, many Tylerites have answered that for themselves.

"Well I feel very strong that this is the wrong thing for the location. I feel like this restaurant was definitely flipped under the radar and I feel like that's part of the reason  Toys R Us is bringing up the lease agreement," said Jennifer Alden, who started an email campaign opposing the restaurant's location.

"If they had put in a family restaurant, with good food they'd be covered up in business. There would not have been this controversy and no they would not have been out this expense," said Lydia Gipson, who started a neighborhood petition opposing the restaurant that is close to her home.

Lydia Gipson started this petition in her neighborhood, where she said the Double D patio and waitresses will be visible from their homes.

Others came in support of the restaurant.

"There are a lot of jobs created. It's not just about the wait staff, but the people who cook, clean, manage, the businesses who sell them food, the businesses who sell the restaurant supplies," said Curtis Kirk, a man who said he is now boycotting Toys R Us.

"The free market system is supposed to mandate if a business is successful or not and Toys R Us is acting as a moral corporate warrior," Kirk said.

Both parties brought in witnesses but there was only time to examine one before Judge Kennedy decided to recess.

She said Toys R Us and Double D need more time to prepare their arguments.

One that'll last for two more weeks, at the very least.
Judge Kennedy said another hearing will be scheduled in two weeks or less.

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