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How to save your trees in this heat

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - This heat is killing grass and gardens, but now trees seem to be facing the wrath of the drought.

"Because of the heat, everything's just dying," Maria Garcia said.  

Garcia has a large tree in her yard, and just by looking, the triple digit temperatures have taken their toll.

"It just looks horrible," she said. 

The tree is in such bad shape, it is losing branches. Some of those branches landed on Garcia's car, forcing her to buy a new one.

During this rainless summer, Garcia has already had to have several trees cut down, while trying to give the ones still standing a much needed drink.

"These trees need to be watered, but still, you now, with the water hose I don't think that will help any," Garcia said.  

Tree expert Doug Arnold told KLtV that even if your trees look fried, do not be in a hurry to cut them down. 

 "A majority of the trees are going through a heat stress. So they are actually going into something what we term as 'heat dormancy' and they're just, their whole body's going to shut down," he said.

According to Arnold, the trees shed their leaves to conserve water in abnormally dry conditions and they could bounce back.

"The chances are if moisture comes back in the fall, there's chances that the tree will even try to rebud and develop new leaves," he said.  But he warns if the bark from your tree is coming off, that could be a sign your tree is actually dying. 

Arnold said you can test your tree's condition by doing the "bend test." Bend one of the branches, if it easily bends then it is okay. If the branch is brittle and breaks, that could be an indicate a more serious problem.

Arnold recommended using a drip hose to keep your tree hydrated. He said this will let the ground soak up the water before it evaporates.

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