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Better East Texas: Washington Leadership

By Pat Stacey

President Obama and Congress are on a five week vacation now that they have solved the debt ceiling issue.  Or could I phrase that statement differently by saying that President Obama and Congress are on vacation while the country faces another financial meltdown. 

I have said it before that congress has too much time away from the job in Washington and the president seems to be on the same schedule as congress. Mr. Obama has the authority to recall congress at any point and he should. 

The events over the past few weeks show the impact that emotion has on the world stock markets and our country's leadership being AWOL during round two of the recession is unbelievable. 

We desperately need unified leadership in Washington and it does not look like it can happen with this president and this congress. 

Now, stepping back and seeing the emotional and then financial impact that the Standard and Poors debt rating degradation has caused is just another sign that America is in a crisis and those in leadership positions obviously don't want to acknowledge it. 

The country has been held hostage and our 401k's have been raided by a thief known as incompetence.  So now we are faced with trying to weather the storm ourselves while we watch the value of America drop inch by inch.  A change in political practice is desperately needed – right now – or America will be hard pressed to stay the land of opportunity. 

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