New Tonsillectomy Procedure at Longview Hospital

A new procedure being done in one Longview hospital is taking the fear and painful recovery out of the process of having tonsils removed. The traditional tonsillectomy is a surgical procedure requiring a couple of weeks to recover... and keeping patients from eating solid food.

"One of the problems we've had for a long time is, the procedure is a curative procedure but the problem is post-operative discomfort has been the thing that has plagued the procedure for decades," said Dr. Ronald Morton a surgeon at Longview Regional.

And many need the operation to cure tonsil related health problems. "I would snore a lot ... and I was constantly having sore throats," said patient Misty McGrede.

But now at Longview Regional hospital a new technique called "coblation tonsillectomy" is making having your tonsils taken out less of a hassle.

Coblation uses a wand-like device that releases low temperature radio frequency energy, that safely removes tonsil tissue.

The beauty of this procedure is the downtime... people don't have to wait as long to recover from this.

"Patients get better faster, with less discomfort, back to school back to eating regular food and back to work in a much quicker time," said Morton.

Its a 10 minute operation, theres no bleeding, and you can walk out afterwards, particularly good news for the young active type. Doctors say the old 2-week-plus recovery period is a thing of the past, and this new technology has patients back to normal within 3-to four days.

Longview Regional is the only East Texas hospital to offer the new procedure.

Bob Hallmark reporting.