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How does the extreme drought affect farmers?

SULPHUR SPRINGS, TX (KLTV) - The entire state of Texas is under an extreme drought, and that's keeping farmers from meeting their quotas. The forecast does not look good either, with the drought expecting to persist through October.

Donnie Peters who sells feed, fertilizer and seed tells us, "you hear people talking about a million dollar rain, I'd think that if we was to get a million dollar rain around here it would probably take 5 inches at least to get you to that point."

The drought is not good news for farmers who heavily rely on mother nature to supply the moisture in order to grow their crops. Particularly soil moisture which is the key ingredient in producing crops, and right now, it's next to none here in East Texas.

The drought has also had an effect on prices. The cost of hay is rising, as there is a shortage of that. At the same time cattle is being sold at a discounted rate.

Donnie Peters tells us, "right now we've got a lot of people that's been taking their cattle to the sale as a result of not being able to feed them and their body conditions are dropping."

So while the heat and dry conditions persist, many farmers are trying to make ends meet in other ways.

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