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Proud of East Texas: Pool

By Joan Hallmark

In the movies, pool halls have usually been depicted as little smoky rooms inhabited by hustlers like the legendary "Minnesota Fats." But the reality is that here in East Texas, pool is a fast growing family sport. John Ervin, owner of the local American Pool players Association franchise, says the APA is also a teaching league, as well as the largest amateur pool league in the nation.

The game of pool, or billiards as it's also called, can be traced back to the fourteenth century. It began as an outside sport, but soon gravitated inside and on to tables. Once primarily a male sport, at Tyler's XLN on 5th, women are as involved in the sport in men. Greg Deyo, who was the first pool player from East Texas to make the Nationals in Las Vegas this year, says in his case it's a family affair.The entire Deyo family, like a number of other area families, spend most Sunday afternoons at the pool hall, a place where in generations past was "off limits" for family fun.

For more information on the American Pool players Association, call John Ervin at 903-593-8968.

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