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Cash in your belongings; open just for a week!

Longview (KLTV) - The Treasure Hunter's Roadshow has made it to East Texas and they're looking for hidden treasure.

East Texans are bringing in their belongings and saying "show me the money".

Kirby Carpenter with Treasure Hunters Roadside says, "If you're ever looking to cash in on those old investments, gold silver or anything else, you might have that might be precious metals or stones now's the time to do it."

Carpenter says Before you throw out any of that old junk, you might want to check it out again,"Old silverware old flatware sets, old sports memorabilia military items the vintage guitar market is huge right now a lot of people are collecting those because they want that old sound so they're paying top dollar for those things as well."

Carpenter says they take everything from old coins to unwanted jewelry.

Charlie and Ann Ireland say they had so much success trading in silver platters last time, they decided to give it another go.

"Ann's father past away in Virginia and these are belongings we found when we cleared out his homes," says Charlie Ireland, "and I knew how much we got for that so based upon that we knew this was a lot more and we figured it would be more."

And just how much did they get for this old silverware set? Over a thousand dollars.

"We have folks that come in and may have picked up things are the side of the road or may have seen someone throwing it out and pull in and walk out with 3 or 4 hundred dollars or more in their pocket," says Carpenter.

Carpenter says he's given out checks here in east Texas that range anywhere from a dollar fifty to 24- thousand dollars.

He says it's all about walking in with a heavy load and leaving with a heavy pocket.

And for those of you who weren't able to catch the Treasure Hunters Roadshow this week, they'll be in Marshall Monday through Saturday of next week, at the Fairfield Inn.

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