Community Spotlight: Wounded Warriors

By Pat Stacey

We have all seen the emotional homecomings when a serviceman or woman returns from duty in our military. But, unfortunately, we often don't see the homecomings of those wounded in the line of duty.

These, many times, are private transports from hospital to home for these brave but injured individuals.  The Texas Wounded Warrior organization is there to give support for wounded U-S service members, their families, and the families of the fallen.  And because of their dedication to these heroes, we are naming the Texas Wounded Warrior organization as KLTV's Community Spotlight for August.

Right now, the Texas Wounded Warrior organization is gathering support for the Cost of Freedom Wall of Honor which will be built at the K-E Bushman's Celebration Center in Bullard.

You can honor a loved one or friend who has served or is serving either in Iraq or Afghanistan, beginning with the Gulf War.  Three inch by ten inch bronze plaques can be purchased through the Texas Wounded Warrior group and you can get more information from our website,

Now the deadline is August 17, so check them out today.  On our website, you can also find more information about other Texas Wounded Warrior activities.

Texas Wounded Warriors, giving back a little to those that have given so much and KLTV's Community Spotlight for August, making this a Better East Texas.