East Texas town under water restrictions

East Texas town under water restrictions

HAWKINS, TX (KLTV) - Several East Texas cities are ordering residents to turn off the faucet as the triple digit temperatures are beating down.

KLTV 7'S Ian Smith was in Hawkins today and shows you how the city is keeping a tight leash on water and how one resident seems to be dealing with it. Just like everywhere else in East Texas, Hawkins is very hot.

For resident Tom Parker, to say vegetation is suffering is an understatement.

"Suffering is a minor word for it. Landscaping is going to Hades man. You know what I mean?" "There's a lot of people losing a lot of grass around."

During a time when rain is a rarity and heat is relentless, it's no surprise there's a shortage of water in Hawkins.

"Man it sure is a bad time of year," Parker said. 

That's why the city has restricted water use. Currently the city is in phase two of the drought contingency plan. That means residents can only water every four days between 10pm and 6am., and that could still dry up.

"We've been on phase two for the last five weeks. But we may have to go to phase three which would cut all the outside watering," Mayor Sam Bradley, said.

Hawkins usually has an 850,000 gallon storage capacity. But their 500,000 gallon storage tank is out of service for repair. That leaves just 350,000 gallons of precious water.

"Monday, we had over 400,000 gallons used. And We only have a capacity of 350,000 gallons. And, in a case like that, we could run into a serious problem if it continues," said Bradley.

"The drought, and the lack of water and to water grass and so fourth and so on is pretty devastating to our little town." 

For now, mayor Bradley says all residents can do is cut back at the faucet...and pray for rain. We've posted a list of the East Texas cities that have imposed watering restrictions. To see if your city is on the list, just click on the big red box on the home page of kltv.com, then click on the story.