Family calls pit bull attack an accident

Family calls pit bull attack an accident

UPSHUR COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A two-year-old Upshur County girl is at home recovering after she was attacked by a pit bull.

Alexus black was flown to Children's Medical Center Wednesday night to have surgery. She has a small gash on her upper forehead and stitches on her bottom lip.

The attack happened Wednesday night at a relative's home on Ironwood Road between Gilmer and Pritchett.

Bonnie Reece pointed out the spot in her house where her pit bull, Bear, attacked two-year-old Lexi in the face.

"The baby is going to be okay. That's all that matters," said Reece. "It was just a fluke accident."

She says Lexi was playing with bear close to his face. She thinks that may have triggered the attack.

"She might have touched his face," said Reece. "We don't know because we were talking about going to the store and the next thing we know, the dog was on the baby, the dad's scooping up the baby and I'm hitting my dog because I didn't know what happened."

After undergoing surgery in Dallas, Lexi is at home recovering from a split lip and a small gash on her forehead. Her mom, Brittany Black, says the attack was an accident.

"There's no issues between me and her [Bonnie Reece]. They've been texting and calling and asking if she's okay. They checked on her all last night. There's no hard feelings. It was an accident," said Black.

Besides the visible injuries, you'd have no idea Lexi suffered a dog attack. She spent Thursday afternoon in her toy box, even playing with her dog named Star.

"I just thank God that was took care and she's doing very well," said Blake.

"It's going to be a healing process for the baby, the family and everyone that was there that day," said Reece.

Healing that will be a little easier because the attack was not much worse.

As of Thursday night, Bear was being quarantined at a local veterinary office. In a few days, a hearing will be held to determine what will happen to the pit bull. Right now, no charges have been filed.

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