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"Does It Work?" - 11/11/03

Odor Eliminator: "Does It Work?"

Most odors can be covered up if you spray them down with something that carries an even stronger odor. But that is not how tonight's "Does It Work?" product is supposed to work. Sea-Yu Petrotech Odor Eliminator advertises itself as a revolutionary product that kills odors instantly without adding a scent. We took it to a location in town where we knew it would get a good challenge, all to answer the question, " Does It Work?".

The Humane Society of Smith County vs. Petrotech Odor Eliminator. More than 200 animals, doing what animals do vs. Petrotech Odor Eliminator.

The stage is set, so grab your science book for a quick lesson in "Odorology". When Odor Eliminator is sprayed, the makers say it shears the hydrocarbon chain of the odor source and encapsulates it. The odor, now sealed up in a nice neat capsule, naturally becomes a microbial food source for bacteria in the environment. The bacteria eat the odor, which accelerates the biodegradable breakdown of the odor source. Got it?

Fortunately, using the product is a lot easier than explaining it.

Humane Society Director, Gayle Helms tested Odor Eliminator out for us in one of her partially enclosed kennels... home to several dogs. After a couple of sprays, Gayle is becoming a believer. "I was really impressed with it. I thought it had not much of an odor, but it absorbed the odor and it really left it smelling fresh. And it really did eliminate it almost immediately."

After that success in the kennel, it was on to Gayle's "catery", a series of rooms with litter boxes in every corner. It offers up a pretty nice challenge. Gayle sprays in one litter box and... "I think it's done the job," she says.

All the while, Gayle is not only impressed with Odor Eliminator's effectiveness. The fact that it's all natural and non-toxic is a big selling point. "We always have to be concerned about things that are toxic to the animals just because there are so many of them here and the airflow is not always good," says Helms. "So that is always a big concern. Anything that is going to be all natural is something we're going to consider."

And Gayle is still surprised that the odor is eliminated without "masking" the smell. "Sometimes I'm very skeptical because a lot of things have a cherry or strawberry flavor," says Helms. "So you're trying to cover up and that's not the purpose of any of this is. And so I was very impressed and it only took a second to make a difference in the odor... to eliminate the odor."

So, "Does It Work?".

"Yes. I would (use it) for home use, as well as for out here at the shelter," says Helms.

If it can make it here, it can make it anywhere. We give Odor Eliminator a "yes". Sixteen ounce cans of either the mist or direct spray are $12.95. Click here for a link to Sea-Yu Petrotech's web site.

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