City officials work with no A/C

City officials work with no A/C

TYLER, TX ( KLTV) - A power surge at Tyler City Hall left employees working without any air conditioning.

Karen Stead says as soon as she walked into the building she felt the heat so she quickly turned to plan B.

"I went out to my car and I got my gym bag and so I changed out of my professional clothes. I got a T-shirt on that I would normally wear to the gym and I rolled up my pants and I have flats on and put my hair up in a pony tail," said Karen Stead, City of Tyler, Asst. City Attorney.

City officials say just about every fan in the building was going full blast to help keep employees cool.

"If the temperature rises and it gets to be unbearable in the building to where we feel like it's not safe for our employees to be, we have other buildings on this campus that we can move them to where they'll have access to computers and be able to continue to work," said Susan Guthrie, City of Tyler, Public Information Officer.

Guthrie says since the building was made in the 1930's, it's well insulated; so it's actually cooler than most would think.

City officials have encouraged the 40 people who work in the building to drink lots of water and to lose the blazer if needed.

City officials tell us the AC was fixed before the end of the work day.

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