Gift of Love: Brianna, Gaige and Calleigh

Gift of Love: Brianna, Gaige and Calleigh

It was an afternoon of discovery and fun as 5 year old Brianna, 3 year old Gaige and 1 year old Calleigh explored the Discovery Science Place.

"I like the blocks, those big blocks," Brianna said.

More interested in playing than talking we got busy right away doing a little pretend grocery shopping. One thing on their list to keep cool this summer,

"Popsicles," all three said in unison. Sounds like a pretty good idea!

Brianna is the oldest of the three siblings.

"She's a little shy at first but once you get to be around her for a little while she opens up," said Intensive Adoption Coordinator Cindy Hodges.

Brianna is a sweet child who likes to color and write. She also enjoys going to church and to the park.

"She likes Barney and Dora. The typical 5 year old things. She started going to school," Hodges said.

Brianna likes going to "big girl" school and also attends daycare after school. We're told she's doing well in both programs.

"She plays well with the other kids, not really any discipline problems or anything like that," Hodges said.

Next is 3 year old Gaige.

"Gaige likes trucks, he's very active. He's just starting to talk more," Hodges said.

This active boy took a little longer to start talking but is now catching up with children his own age.

"He loves to watch cartoons and he too goes to a daycare. He plays well with other kids. He does have a little bit of a temper if he doesn't get his way he'll react like most 3 year olds," Hodges said.

It's little Calleigh who rounds out this sibling trio.

"Calleigh is a year old. She is a very sweet and very happy child. She loves to play, likes to laugh a lot. She too is on the quiet side until you get to know her," Hodges said.

Calleigh loves attention and likes to interact with her siblings. In fact, big sister Brianna says they all play really well together.

"She loves one on one attention. She loves to be held but she's also starting to show a little bit of independence. She's wanting to do this herself," Hodges.

But one thing Calleigh or her siblings Brianna and Gaige don't want to do on their own is grow up. That's where you come in. Would you be their forever family? Stepping forward to show these three children the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Brianna, Gaige and Calleigh you can call our Gift of Love Hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.