ETX Woman offers $5,000 cash to catch thieves

ETX Woman offers $5,000 cash to catch thieves

WHITEHOUSE,TX (KLTV) - An East Texas woman says she is willing to pay $5,000 if it means catching the thief that's been breaking in to her property.

Mary Ann Brandon says since March she and her family have been the victims of four break ins.

"Three of them within an eight day period and have stolen lots of our property and damaged lots of our property the most recent was this last Monday night," said Mary Ann Brandon, offering reward for thief.

Brandon says the first target was their storage unit where tools and two chainsaws where taken.

A couple of days later a second hit, but nothing was missing. The third time 7,000 pounds of pipe were taken, but the thieves left a piece of evidence behind.

"The pipe was so heavy that they had to end up putting it over the side, so they put it on the side of the boat trailer. So, this was the boat trailer that they used," said Brandon.

Brandon says a size 12 men's wedding ring was also found.

This week Brandon says the thieves struck again stealing saddles, tack and horse supplies.

The suspects also damaged the doors to the house on the family's property.

With the latest crime, once again a trail of evidence was left behind.

"This most recent time we've recovered a hat on the ground that we have traced purchased at tractor supply here in Tyler and has been taken in as evidence," said Brandon.

Brandon is pretty sure she knows why her family is being targeted.

"Well I just think thievery is on the rise with these tough economic times and I think they know exactly what they are coming for. We've talked to many other people who have been hit they've had their saddles stolen so anything to turn over a quick buck," said Brandon.

That's why she's willing to offer her money to help stop the break-ins.

Brandon says they are currently working with the Smith County Sheriff's Office and a special ranger.

If you have any information on these breaks-ins Brandon encourages you to contact them at 903-262-5313. The reward will be paid in cash.

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