Fight over $9 takes a deadly turn

Fight over $9 takes a deadly turn

GLADEWATER, TX (KLTV) - Investigators are piecing together their second fatal officer-involved shooting in just two days.

Tuesday morning, officers responded to a fight at the 200 block of Main Street in Gladewater, right behind B & C Furniture.

Investigators say one of the men, identified as Willie Green, charged at officers with a knife.

They reportedly then used tasers on him, to little effect, before opening fire.

We're told the fight that started all of this was about money.

A friend of Willie Green, who didn't want to be identified, says he knew exactly what the fight was about-- $9.

He says someone owed Willie and didn't like the way he allegedly snatched the money back out of his hands.  So the other man in the fight confronted him about it at work. But that's when things took a terrible turn.

"That was my brother, he was just a fun lovable person, never bothered nobody," says Green's sister Ivory Gray.

Ivory Gray says her brother Willie B. Green worked at B & C Furniture for about 25 years. Riding his bicycle to work and around town.

"All we need is prayers right now. Nothing can help us right now but prayers. We done lost him and he's gone. hopefully he end up in heaven cause he wasn't no bad person," says Ivory.

But according to police, Green charged officers with a knife inside B & C Furniture.

Chief Farrell Alexander of the Gladewater Police Department says, "Officers advised the man several times to drop the knife and he refused to comply with officers commands."

Officials say they tried to taze Freen twice but he fought the effects of the tazer.

"At that point the suspect was shot by officers," says Chief Alexander.

Still, Green's family can't understand how the argument turned so violent and claimed the life of someone they say was not a violent person."

The Gladewater Police Department says the officers involved in the shooting are on paid adminstrative leave for an undetermined amount of time.

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