Is it too hot outside for the human body?

Is it too hot outside for the human body?

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The dangerous heat has been beating down on East Texas for a few months now, but lately it's been much hotter than usual. Some say it's even too hot to be outside. So what exactly happens when our bodies are exposed to this much heat?

Doctor Edith Cullen, a Family physician from UTHSCT tells us, "well usually when you get over heated you can have increased heart can also get headaches, nausea, because of the fluid retraction, the fluid coming out of those main organs which are trying to compensate. And as a result you can become dizzy, weak, tired, fatigued, your temperature can also go up."

So while the body tries to compensate for water lost, it's temperature can get as high as a dangerous 106 degrees. So if you are outside, you need to try and stay as cool as possible.

Elizabeth Brown tries to stay as cool as she can, but tells us she's noticed the change in the heat. "We just trying to find a shaded spot and try to stay cool and drink plenty of water.....I've noticed this year I've sweat a whole lot than usual."  She also has to cut back on some of her usual summer activities because of the heat. "We like to get out and barbeque a lot you know stuff like that but with the heat, I just can't stand it."

So while the heat continues, it's a good idea to take the advice from Dr. Cullen; who tells us, "Listen to your body, your bodies going to tell you when you need to stop and start getting real tired, weak, feeling a little nauseous, your bodies telling you that you need to get into a cool place, into shade and you need to splash cool water on your body to cool you down and you need to start drinking water."

Another couple of tips while trying to brave the heat is wearing sun-block, drink plenty of water, and wear light colored loose fitted clothing.

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