ONCOR helping residents reduce energy consumption

ONCOR helping residents reduce energy consumption

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The record high temperatures through the state are resulting in exceptionally high power consumption, and already several times this summer, power companies have asked us to cut back on our energy consumption.

Today at the Broadway Square Mall in Tyler, ONCOR spent the day giving tips to residents on how to save on energy costs in there homes.  ONCOR spokesperson Jeamy Molina tells us, "Lets make sure were not using any electricity we don't need to be using, lets turn off those lights when were not in the room, or lets not have every TV on at this time."

Donna Flores, who is trying to save on her homes energy consumption told us what she learned.  "Learned that you which I always tell my kids, keep the lights off, it keeps the heat down, keep the windows shut, blinds closed."

Other ways to save on your energy consumption include energy star appliances and insulation in your homes walls.

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