Man bound, gagged, forced to wear helmet during sentencing

Man bound, gagged, forced to wear helmet during sentencing

ALBANY GA (WALB) - Dougherty County man convicted of aggravated assault on a police officer last month was sentenced Monday.

This is how Reginald Smith, 41, entered the courtroom, almost in a Hannibal Lecter fashion.

Not only bound and gagged, but with a motorcycle helmet placed over his head to muffle his yelling.

He screamed and yelled during the whole 20 minute hearing.

Smith was sentenced to 10 years in prison with another 10 on probation for aggravated assault of an officer, after running from police and then pointing a gun at the officer.

Smith's Uncle Lewis Thomas stood before the court and tried to convince Judge Willie Lockette that Smith is a good person.

"I know Reginald. I've never seen him like this.  It hurts for me to see him like this. I didn't even know he was here until I saw him on TV," said Thomas.

Smith had to be restrained as his uncle tried to make sense of his nephew.

"That's not Reginald. Something is wrong," said Thomas.

Prosecutor Matt Breedon says the time fits the crime and Smith's behavior didn't help his case, it only hurt it.

"I think his behavior was very obstructive, but it really didn't help his case at all. The court gave a proper sentence and the jury gave a proper verdict," said Breedon.

Lewis couldn't believe how his nephew was acting but does agree he needs some form of help.

Breedon said Smith will be eligible for parole but in a case of aggravated assault on police officer and Smith's behavior, his chances are very slim.

Court officials say they put that helmet on Smith for the safety of others and more importantly, the safety of himself.

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