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Better East Texas: United States Postal Service

By Pat Stacey

The United State Postal Service made news recently by releasing their plans to review and evaluate the existing post office locations across the U-S and consider closing some of the locations. 

The post office system is broken and needs some major overhauling to continue to exist and even then, unfortunately, the system's days are numbered.  The postal system lost 8-billion dollars last year – 8-billion and with more than fifty-percent of all bills now paid on-line, the postal service, in its current form is living past it's time. 

For those among us that have that nostalgic appreciation of outdated business models like that of the post office, I am sure it hurts, but you cannot lose 8-billion dollars in a year and expect there to be no action taken.  Americans have spoken and the post office has been changed forever. 

We will probably see a reduction in locations which will affect rural areas and they need to drop back to 3 days of service rather than 6, and maybe, just maybe, the U-S-P-S will be around for a while longer. 

Perhaps you have heard the quote about how tough change can be, but honestly, irrelevance is even tougher.  Dramatic change is needed now or our kids will not remember that archaic system of connecting people called the post office, and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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