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Better East Texas: Debt Ceiling

By Pat Stacey

What do the Dallas Cowboys and the federal government have in common?  Well, actually very little but they both had an expense ceiling that one organization addressed while the other dodged. 

The Cowboys faced their issue of being over the salary cap by releasing several former key players including Marion Barber and Roy Williams.  The move saved the Cowboys millions in salary expense and moved the team under the salary cap for the upcoming season. 

Now, the loss of this talent will cost the Cowboys on the field, but the moves had to done.  On the other hand the federal government is still wrestling with the debt ceiling and the president and congress have agreed on practically nothing.  Now they may come in with some last minute deal but they should take a page out of the playbook of the Cowboys and other N-F-L teams and play by the rules. 

There is not an excuse for Congress and the President taking months to get this done and, after hearing both sides speak the other night, I don't know which side wants what.  In my view they could have read each other's speeches and had essentially the same message. 

This entire fiasco has ultimately done nothing but erode the confidence that Americans have in their elected officials and it will lead to more changes in the next election cycle, and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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