Former East Texas Woman Killed By Her Husband

It began with a chilling phone call to police. Investigators say 40 year old Mark McNatt called officers in Coral Springs, Florida to say he had killed his wife. He also told police he had taken their four year old daughter, Hailey.  A few minutes later police found 33 year old Brooke McNatt stabbed and shot to death.

Police believe the actual murder happened Friday afternoon. They say it was then that Mark began driving back to east Texas where he has family.  Police say Mark arrived at his sister's house in Pittsburg Sunday morning and dropped his daughter off. He then traveled to his mother's home outside of Daingerfield in Morris county.  Investigators say he made that phone call to police then shot himself.

The McNatt's had only moved to Florida about nine months ago with their daughter. Mark had worked at Eastman then decided to begin an exterminating business with his friend in Florida.

While in east Texas Brooke had worked as an office manager at Lenhart Properties in Longview. Friends say they had no idea anything could have gone so terribly wrong in their marriage.  "Never in a million years and I know several people including myself that were good friends of Brooke's that she confided in and she never ever talked about any kind of violence, anything like this no this is a total surprise to all of us," says Melinda Lenhart.

Despite the fact that friends describe the couple as being happy police tell us they believe the murder happened during an argument. They believe Brooke had told her husband she wanted a divorce.

Amy Tatum reporting.