Two-A-Days Tour: Henderson Lions

Two-A-Days Tour: Henderson Lions

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - Our two-a-days tour starts...where else?

With the champions.

"We let it sit in for a while," said Henderson quarterback Del Barnes, "But after a while, you have to get back to this year and winning this year is what is important."

It was last season, when Barnes helped lead the Lions to their first title in school history, as they captured the Class 3A Division I State title.

Now the Lions must deal with what comes with winning.


"From the town, the community, really from everywhere," said Barnes, "We really want to do it again, and we have to work that much harder to make sure we can."

"Everyone in Henderson talks about our team," said running back Jay O'Neal, "And we don't want to be the group that lays down, we want to keep raising the bar year after year."

The Lions roll into 2011 ranked #2 by Dave Campbell's Texas Football.

The begin the year on the road against Mt. Pleasant.

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