RAW: Dash-cam of pursuit in stolen Tyler Police cruiser

RAW: Dash-cam of pursuit in stolen Tyler Police cruiser

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - KLTV 7 has obtained dramatic dash-cam video of Smith County authorities chasing a man in a stolen Tyler police car.

After making numerous requests though the Freedom of Information Act, we were able to obtain the thirty-minute video of that May pursuit.

The chase started on Highway 155 in Noonday after 24-year-old Isaac Garcia attempted to rob two women before allegedly stealing a Tyler police car.

"We've impacted again," said a Smith County deputy involved in the chase.

That was the moment where the chase began to heat-up. Police say Garcia was behind the wheel of the stolen patrol car.

"Oh, he is still west bound," said the deputy. "He survived it."

That was the second time police tried to get the car to pull over. About two minutes earlier, the video shows Garcia slamming into the median, barely escaping authorities.

With flashing red and blue lights on, Garcia was reportedly waving police to go around him.

"He appears to be on drugs or something," said the deputy. "He's having a good time. He's hanging his arm out the window."

A few minutes later, Garcia's weaving in and of traffic, reportedly talking on a cell phone and nearly running cars off the highway.

"Yes were west bound on the highway he is on the wrong side of the road attempting to hit other cars at this time, and I'm trying to get out in front of him," said the deputy.

About 12 minutes into the chase, police were able to pin Garcia between two police cars and a fence.

Bobbie Pagett watched the crash from her front yard.

"The vehicle was spinning around and he was attempting to get back onto Highway 31 the officer hit him again and then the Smith County deputy with his truck put the finishing touch to make sure he wasn't going anywhere," said Pagett. "Then the man jumped out of the police car and started around the house and a policeman got him."

A wild ride, Garcia will have to relive at his trial later this month.

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