Church websites hacked, Islamic material posted

Church websites hacked, Islamic material posted

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - A Perrysburg-based web company that serves dozens of Christian churches across the country was hacked earlier this week, with a message encouraging Christians to convert to Islam.

Ryan Leisure, the owner of said he was alerted earlier this week that several of the church websites had been hacked.

"I was pretty shocked really, I didn't really think it was ever something that would ever really happen. Especially with churches. I do a number of other websites for other businesses too, it was all on the same account, but the only ones that were attacked were the churches. That was a little alarming when I saw that," said Leisure.

The Fallen Timbers Community Church's website was one of 18 across the nation that was hacked.  Leisure said the hacker got into the server, deleted the full church websites, and replaced it with messages to encourage Christians to convert to Islam.

"I'm under the impression that the guy is from overseas- it wasn't anything terrorist related or anything violent or anything like that. They were just promoting their religion," said Leisure.

Within minutes, Leisure said he changed password and locked down the hacked websites.

"I think we kind of caught the guy in the process. Because some of the sites, he hadn't deleted everything yet. I looked like maybe was in the process of deleting all the files and everything. We kind of stopped it before too much damage got done," said Leisure.

Leisure has since increased security and filed a complaint with the FBI.

An FBI spokesperson was not able to comment on this particular complaint.

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