Family friend remembers JW Garrett

Family friend remembers JW Garrett

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- Funeral arrangements are pending for an East Texan killed in a weekend collision.

DPS officials say J.W. Garrett of Longview died when a woman swerved to miss a stopped SUV on Highway 31 near the Smith/Gregg County line.

The woman's car clipped the SUV and went into the path of the Garrett's car.

Four others, including Garrett's wife, were injured in the wreck.

Pat Terrell says when she heard about the accident she never thought it would be someone so close.

"I heard that a local man had died and I thought well who could that be a Longview man, and low and behold it's my next door neighbor. J.W. Garrett, better man you never met," said Pat Terrell, friend of the Garrett family.

J.W. was pronounced dead at the scene.

His wife Betty was taken to a local hospital for emergency surgery.

Pat says for the last 39 years she and her husband have lived next to J.W. and Betty. Pat describes the couple as mentors to her and her husband.

"They had the spirit of God in them they were always seeking to serve God to help anyone they could. J.W. would give you the shirt of his back that's the kind of person he was," said Pat.

DPS investigators say the 21-year-old driver was also taken to a hospital for emergency surgery

DPS officials are also considering filing charges against the driver; possibly charging her with criminally negligent homicide.

"We as Christians will pray for her. I don't know this young lady, but I know that God can help her. He'll help her with every bit of it. Her health concerns, any legal concerns she may have all she has to do is turn to him," said Pat.

Pat says while it's easy to be sad right now, the important thing is to remember the good times with J.W.

Pat says it's also important to pray for those affected by the accident.

"Please, please everyone. Every believer lift up a prayer to ease the passing of J.W...God listens to prayer," said Pat.

Betty Garrett remains hospitalized with a broken arm, broken ribs and a possible broken hip.

Funeral arrangements for J.W. Garrett are still pending.