ETX woman checks Great Texas Balloon Race off bucket list

ETX woman checks Great Texas Balloon Race off bucket list

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- While many of you were still sleeping, more than 50 hot air balloons were flying over East Texas. The Great Texas Balloon race started early Saturday morning, kicking off with the competition race and special shape balloons.

One by one each balloon made its way over the people who crowded below.

"It's just gorgeous I've just never seen anything like it and this is something I've always wanted to do," said Vivian Corriveau.

Vivian said she never had the time to come to the race.

"But you know you raise children and then things come up and you never do," said Vivian. "When you get to the point where you don't have much time then there are certain things that are more important to you."

For Vivian, coming out to the balloon race this weekend was incredibly important.

"I have a terminal illness. Four years ago I had breast cancer and it has metastasized to my liver and bones," Vivian said.

"She's been wanting to do this for several years but me driving trucks I was never home at the right time and now we made it," said Ben Corriveau, Vivian's husband.

The couple even scored their own tour guide to help Vivian experience the balloon race VIP style

"This is what the balloon race is all about, and I have always wanted to help people come in and have a good time and they have made a special imprint on me," said Deb Parrott, balloon race volunteer.

So while many marveled at the shapes, sizes and colors of the balloons, for Vivian, it's just one more check off her bucket list.

Vivian said she will continue her chemo treatments. But for now, doctors are unsure of what they outcome will be.

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