Biker Rally Benefits Tyler Baby

The ominous figures of big rough looking bikers had come together at club in Gregg county... not to get rowdy and out of control... but to help someone they didn't know. It was a benefit for 8 month old Braxton Green, who has suffered from birth from brain swelling, and excessive spinal fluid, and his parents have incurred massive medical bills.

Today members of the Tyler longriders came together for fun and games to help raise money.

"We felt like giving up at times but so many people were pulling for us as you can see that we're gonna fight on , and Braxtons gonna fight on too" said braxtons father Cris Green.

"It's overwhelming it really is, we're so blessed to have this happen for us because it certainly is needed ..there are no words" said Braxtons mother Kelli

. They gave entry fees for contests, held an auction... donated 100 , 300 , one man even donating 5-thousand dollars... whatever they could give , they gave.

"It's a really great feeling to know that we could be a part of helping this young baby out" said longrider Royce Folsom.

"It's a blessing to us that there are guys and girls out there that have bigger hearts than most" said Cris Green. The event raised over 15-thousand dollars for the Greens medical bills. Bob Hallmark reporting.