Parents speak out about the death of two young East Texans

Parents speak out about the death of two young East Texans

Families and friends of two young East Texans who were killed in a head on collision, gather together today for support.

DPS officials tells us that 20 year old Christopher Hicks of Frankston and 19 year old Courtnee Odom of Tyler, were driving on Highway 7 in Leon County. That's just outside of Centerville. Hicks drifted into the lane of an oncoming 18-wheeler, and hit it head on.

"Seeing his smiling face in that picture is how I want to remember him, that's how I do, that's how he was the last time I saw him," said his mother Diane Hicks.

Hicks and Courtnee started dating about four years ago.

"He was inseparable from Courtnee who was his childhood love from his early teen years; they were absolutely soul mates," said Michael Hicks, Chris' father.

Christopher's parents say, they spent every waking moment together.

"I guess they were blessed with that true love, even though the grown ups were aggravated and couldn't understand some of, they, you just couldn't separate them," Diane said.

Reality hasn't set in for Chris's little sister, Kelley, who was Courtnee's best friend.

"I'm still waiting on the phone call from Chris and Courtnee saying 'just kidding, I'll be home in five minutes'. I still don't believe it," Kelley said.

But it's their faith and family support that are helping them get them through these difficult times.

"He gives us that peace that surpasses our understanding, and he will never leave us or forsake us, and I know that," Michael said.

The funeral will be Monday at 2 o'clock, at the First Baptist Church in Frankston.

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