Relative speaks out about Lindale business owner

Relative speaks out about Lindale business owner

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - We're learning more about a prominent Lindale business owner who is now the subject of a major drug bust.

Authorities say Troy Shelton, who owns Lindale Tire Shop", was caught with 31 pounds of hydro-ponic marijuana.

Precinct Five Constable's Office and several other agencies raided Shelton's home off of FM 16 east near Lindale.

KLTV 7'S Jena Johnson sat down with one of Shelton's relatives.

She wanted her identity concealed out of concern for her reputation---not her safety. Because she knows based on her comments, the Shelton's will know who she is.

"I'm angry on level I don't even understand. I'm angry with Troy," she commented.

This former relative of Troy Shelton tells me her two small children were in Shelton's Lindale home just four hours before authorities seized 31 pounds of marijuana, a bottle of meth and over 100 guns.

"That amount of that high-grade. Everybody is really, really surprised," she said.

A year ago, she says she called CPS, concerned that drugs may be in the home. Her concerns were based on her children's court-ordered visit that took place in that house.

"They swore to me up and down during the investigation that troy even called me and told me and told me that I didn't have anything to worry about that it would never be around the kids, that it would never be in the house again or anywhere near my children and that the guns were secured and that I didn't have anything to worry about. I was still leery, but I didn't have a

Choice," the relative commented.

On the day of the raid, she says Troy sent her this text message, asking for her forgiveness.

"How dare you? How dare you promise me that my kids would not be around anything illegal or dangerous? How dare you look at me and swear to me that you would never bring my kids around anything like that ever again and then this. My kids were there 4 hours before the raid," she exclaimed.

She says as well as she knows Troy, he had her fooled, "I don't think the reality of this has even set in with me yet. I'm having a hard time even gripping this as reality."

Right now, she says her only focus is keeping her children away from this home indefinitely.

"I'll go to jail before my kids go back over there again. They'll never see that family again," she stated.

We're told Shelton is still in fair condition at a Tyler hospital after undergoing open-heart surgery Thursday.

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