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11/08/03 - Longview

Harrison County Civil War Ceremony

      Preparing to honor America's veterans in the coming week, a group of East Texans came together today to pay a special kind of tribute to Americans who have answered that call over the generations. It was a civil war re-enactment that focused on the courage of soldiers that continues today.

     A small patch of meadow in Harrison county off f-m 450 is called "muster field". It's there in 1862 that East Texas men signed to fight for the confederacy during the civil war.

     "They were just scratching out an existence in Harrison and Upshur and Marion counties, and it really took something for them to leave their families and go off to fight a war they thought was necessary" said Sam Satterwhite, who's family members fought for the confederacy.

     As a battle re-eactment took place, relatives of those East Texas men came to pay their respects... and remember the courage of the past and present. "We should be thankful for all the people that represented us through the years through all the wards , they've given us our rights to do just this" said observer Judith Ebarb.

    For re-enactor Ron Steinfelds, muster field means a lot more. His family was spilt during the civil war... half fighting fo the union , half the confederacy. "Its part of our heritage and we need to be aware of our heritage, and the pitfalls and positives that came out from history, the fundamental belief in America's is we're a country that doesn't take pride in what we are... have more pride in what we do", said Steinfelds.

     A roll call was conducted for the members of the 14th and 19th Texas infantries... And their decendents answered for them. And this ceremony was for all veterans. Bob Hallmark reporting.

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