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ETX trash service: Illegal Dumping is on the rise

TYLER (TX)-Due to burn bans, East Texas trash services are seeing an increase of trash in commercial and residential garbage cans.

Gary Hawley, the owner of The Garbage Man, says "We see an increase any time that there's a burn ban. Pretty much for the last several years we've had one at some point, but they've been short nothing like the one were facing this year."

You can't burn your trash right now, but it's also illegal to dump your trash in someone else's trash can.

"A lot of people start hauling them off to commercial dumpsters at restaurants, businesses, that kind of stuff," says Hawley.

Gary Hawley, the owner of The Garbage Man, says there is an increase in people signing up for trash service since the burn ban went into effect, but the issue of dumping continues

"We see a large increase in dumpsters where people are bringing it and dumping it and even dumping it on random peoples homes, you see a little bit of everything to get rid of the trash," says Hawley.  

After people took advantage of their dumpster, Food Fast was forced to apply security.

Manager of Food Fast, Heather Simmons says, "We don't have the issue, I've got a padlock on the door, and so me and my clerks are the only ones that have the key, so we use the padlock to shut and open it".

Hawley suggests, "Sign up to have someone come pick it up, or if they have a legal place to take it, they can take it to the landfill."

Any way will do, as long as it's legal.

Illegal dumping is a Class C Misdemeanor, and if you're caught, you could a fine of up to five hundred dollars. That fine goes up to two thousand dollars if your trash poses a health risk.

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