Tragedy fund set up for young father

Tragedy fund set up for young father

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KLTV) - A tragedy fund has been set up for an East Texas father of two small children killed in a car accident.

Stephen Duecker's wife says he was killed just two weeks before his life insurance policy would have taken effect. Tonight, she sits down with us to share their story.

Blaire Duecker says she can't believe her 28 year-old husband, Stephen, is gone.
She says they had a good life.

"It was just too perfect. It was almost too good to be true," says Blaire.

Their life together ended Friday, July 15th. Blaire says she knew something was wrong when Stephen's job called late that morning to say he hadn't shown up for work.

Blaire knew he had left for work hours earlier.

"I was looking for him and we were half way into Rusk and I got a phone call from a detective in Jacksonville asking me to come to the station. So, me I'm thinking I'm going to go back and they're going to help me find him," Blaire recalled, "I got to the police station and they took me back to the room and I knew then, we weren't gonna go find him."

That's because Stephen had died early that morning in a wreck.

"They told me he had gone head to head with a tanker truck or something," says Blaire. 

That left Blaire a young, grieving widow who had to figure out a way to care for their two young children. Stephen didn't have life insurance, yet.  he was two weeks away from his coverage kicking in.

"All I can do is tell people my age to make sure you have a life insurance policy, to make sure you have that all taken care of," Blaire pleaded.

So that your loved ones are cared for.

If you'd like to help this young family, you can make a donation, of any size, at any Austin Bank.

The account is listed as 'For the Benefit of Stephen Duecker.'

The Duecker family has also informed KLTV 7 that a twelve-foot-long trailer/smoker will be raffled, with proceeds going to the Stephen Duecker Benefit Fund. You can purchase raffle tickets at any Austin Bank location starting Saturday, July 30th.

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