Pregnant Woman Saved By Good Samaritans

A pregnant Grand Saline woman is alive today, thanks to the help of some good samaritans. She lost control of her mini-van on wet roads yesterday morning and flipped over in a ditch on highway 110 north of Tyler. The van caught fire and burned, destroying it. Angelica Ortiz was trapped inside. But, someone was able to react quickly enough to pull her out. He and another man carried her to safety, where others joined in to help. The two original men then disappeared without a trace.

Angelica Ortiz said, "When I was in the hospital, a highway patrol went in and talked to me and I asked him if they left their names or something, that way I can thank them. But, they said they didn't. I'll just always be thankful to them that they helped me out."

Angelica was released from the hospital today with a broken collar bone and several cuts and bruises. She says her baby is doing fine, and words can't explain how thankful she is to be alive.

Kevin Berns, reporting.