S.T.E.P. Program Funding In Longview

A recent study by Longview police shows 9-out-of-10 drivers in the city are speeding on certain stretches of roads. Some of the worst are Delwood from Judson to Fourth street, only 11.3 percent of drivers going at or below the speed limit. McCann road from Spring Hill road to the city limits, only 11.2 percent.

The worst was East Hawkins parkway from Airline to Judson, with only 9.2 percent obeying the posted speed. Perhaps most startling about the study, is how "not-surprised" Longview drivers were by the news.

A September survey by Longview police at 11 different well traveled sections by showed numerous violations and that 90 percent of Longview drivers at were speeding.

"Not surprised at all. One of the first things I noticed when I moved to Longview several years ago was the fact that people didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the speed zones," said Longview motorist Charles Warren. Speed is still the police focus, as every mile over the speed limit is and accident waiting to happen.

Even on slick accident filled roads today, officers were seeing it. "Come right by us, some of them are pushing the 40 mile per hour speed limit with wreckers police cars ambulance, and they still just want to keep going," said Longview policeman John Thompson.

And it wasn't just speeding, the survey also found that numerous Longview drivers were making illegal turns and running stop signs causing traffic accidents. More than 2500 citations were issued over a 10 month traffic program, and now police are gearing up again with a $22,000 grant that would put another program in place, targeting heavy traffic areas like Loop 281 and other major roadways.

"Think it's a good idea... need to do something, people just don't seem to care anymore," said resident John Grinnell. Police have a clear message for drivers:  Slow down or pay for it one way or another.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.