UPDATE: Cooling system malfunction cause of plane evacuation

UPDATE: Cooling system malfunction cause of plane evacuation

THURSDAY MORNING UPDATE: A spokesman with American Eagle tells KLTV 7 mechanics were flown into East Texas, last night, following the evacuation of flight 4777 at East Texas Regional Airport in Gregg County.

We're told it appears the cooling system on the plane may have experienced a "momentary malfunction". Mechanics determined the plane is mechanically sound, and plan to fly it back to a maintenance hub in Dallas for more evaluation. No passengers, only crew, will be onboard when it takes off, around noon, today.

The spokesman tells us the smoke, which led pilots to evacuate the plane during taxi to the gate, reportedly came from the cockpit.

No passengers were injured.

American Eagle says it "takes all these types of incidents, seriously, for the safety of its passengers."

GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Passengers were evacuated on the tarmac of the East Texas Regional airport in Gregg County after reports of smoke in the cabin.

American Eagle flight 4777 departed from Dallas and made a scheduled landing in Gregg County shortly after 5pm.

During taxi to the gate, a passenger reported smoke in the cabin. The pilot decided to evacuate the cabin.

KLTV 7 spoke with one passenger that described what happened once the plane landed.

"Almost immediately, the air went off, and it got real hot in the plane," said Robin Sage. "Then we almost immediately started smelling sort of a smoky, almost electrical smoky smell. And they just pulled the plane to the end of the tarmac, and threw open the back doors, and told us to get off."

No injuries have been reported.

There were 42 passengers on board.

The Gregg County Sheriff's Office is investigating.

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