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Help Honey Bee with prayers and donations

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - East Texans are using Facebook to encourage you to help a mistreated dog find a new home.

They found out about Honey Bee after shelter workers took her to a Longview vet to treat her horrible wounds.

Veterinarian, Dr. Christina Odom, and her staff had to shave Honey Bee's neck and pull out an embedded wire.

There was also a spiraled piece of metal, that looks like a spine, wrapped in place right under her chin.

"I've seen a  lot and things don't bother me as much after 17 years of treating animals but this right here floored me. I was just stunned. Stunned," says Odom.

At first, she thought, perhaps, the dog had accidentally tangled itself up in the wire.

But, she says she soon realized someone had intentionally wrapped the wire around honey bees' neck and left the dog to suffer for at least a week.

"We've seen animals before that have been on leads, then through their travels it gets tangled but this thing was tied in knots," Odom says, "When I saw it and now that we're talking about this, it gives me goose bumps... It's just awful."

Now that they've made sure Honey Bee isn't in immediate danger, the clinic staff can move on to the next important step.

Honey Bee should be placed with a foster family this weekend.

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