KLTV 7 obtains video of radioactive theft

KLTV 7 obtains video of radioactive theft

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Last week, thieves stole a potentially radioactive camera from a truck on I-35 in Austin. Acuren, the company that owns the truck has an office in Longview.  Today, KLTV 7 received exclusive footage of the thieves in progress.

Workers with Acuren parked the truck at the hotel while they spend the night there.  In the early morning hours, an individual can be seen walking up to the truck and breaking into it.

After removing an item, the thief leaves the scene in a getaway car. But, moments later the car returns.

Someone exits the car and takes one more object from the truck before leaving a final time.

It's not clear at this time if the thieves targeted the radioactive camera or just took it by chance.

Either way, Detective David Martin with the Austin Police Department told us the crooks have the power to do harm themselves or others.

"Worst case scenario, they release the iridium and people get sick and die," said Martin.

Detective martin says anyone who spots the radioactive object should avoid touching it and call authorities immediately.

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