Prescription drugs going generic

Prescription drugs going generic

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Within the next year, some of the world's best selling drugs will be available in a generic form for the very first time.

Drugs like Lipitor, which helps lower your cholesterol, and Plavix, which is used to prevent heart attacks.

Against doctor's orders, Earven Ellis of Tyler stopped taking Lipitor seven years ago.

"When I was taking it got so high I couldn't pay for it so I quit taking it, I wouldn't be able to eat because I look at the prices and it's way out of sight," said Earven Ellis, couldn't afford Lipitor.

But, with generic versions soon hitting shelves, pharmacist David Davis says fewer people will have to choose between food and medication.

"So the competition to produce that will drive down the price the generic price will go down you'll see the drugs drop anywhere from 50% to 75% in cost," said David Davis, Pharmacist.

For the uninsured that have been paying full price for these drugs, the price will drop significantly.

"One day they could be paying anywhere from a 150 to 200 dollars for a month's supply of Lipitor the next day it could drop down to 30 to 50 dollars," said Davis.

And while your bill will change, the effectiveness of the drugs will not.

"The effectiveness will be exactly the same as the brand name," said Dr. Gary Idelchik, Trinity Clinic Cardiology.

Idelchik says both Lipitor and Plavix are his most prescribed medications.

"Lipitor is the best cholesterol lowering, and Plavix is a necessity and being able to have my patients in compliance because cost is no longer a limitation," said Idelchik.

Idelchik says ultimately it will reduce the number of people jeopardizing their health because the cost is too high.

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