Gift of Love: 15 year old Robert

Gift of Love: 15 year old Robert

It's an afternoon of fun and bowling! One of Robert's favorite things.

"Fishing, Hunting, Swimming. I love bowling," said Robert.

This 15-year-old would love a dad who shares his love of hunting. Hunting is by far Robert's favorite past time and he loves to hunt a variety of game.

"I like hunting deer, white tail deer, rabbit and squirrel," Robert said.

And he likes to eat what he catches.

"Deer, fish and pizza," Robert said.

Well, O. K., He doesn't "catch" the pizza.

Robert, like most boys his age, also likes sports and playing video games.

As for his family, Robert wants one that enjoys the great outdoors just as much as he does.

"A family that lives out in the country and likes to do all kinds of different stuff," Robert said.

Robert has a couple of siblings that have been adopted and another brother also waiting for his forever family. It's important to Robert that he be able to maintain contact with them as he grows up.

When it comes to Robert's future, Robert says he'd like to go to college at Texas A&M and study agriculture. He says it's the perfect fit for him.

I asked Robert if he had three wishes, What would he ask for? As you probably guessed, they all have to do with being outdoors.

"370 Rifle, a fishing pole and going to Colorado," Robert said.

Something else on Robert's to do list has to do with fishing.

"I've always wanted to go trout fishing with a fly rod," Robert said.

Something he hopes to do with his Forever Family, one that can show Robert the Gift of Love.

If you'd like to know more about Robert you can call our Gift of Love hotline, toll-free, 1-888-KIDS-275.

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