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Breakfast, Tex-Mex, and seafood, all for under $5

By Jamey Boyum

Restaurant Managers say food costs are going up. But, there are still a few eateries around that can serve up lunch for less than a Lincoln.

First stop, Mama's at 2105 East Fifth Street. Rumor has it they may have more than one meal for under five... and it's true. How about some breakfast? Two pancakes, two eggs, two strips of bacon and a drink for 4.87.

"You call it the early bird special, but you can be late, right?" I asked Santos Cruz, Mama's Manager.

"You can be late. Definitely. You can get it all day long," he replied.

Come back for lunch for an enchilada, rice beans chips and salsa and a drink for the same low price!

Next up, Mi Ranchito at 1014 Front Street. You can get two soft tacos, chips and salsa and a drink for 4.33. Looks great, but I'm getting really full.

And finally: seafood?! Yes, seafood. Surprised me as much as it surprised the folks at Jumbo Seafood. They never really thought about the fact that they serve up a 16 ounce bowl of seafood, shrimp, crawfish or chicken gumbo with rice and a drink and crackers for 4.96.

"Rice, you get a medium sized bowl, but if you need more, just ask the waitress and they'll give you more," said employee Richard Ta.

So, take a Lincoln to lunch. That's really all you need.

The Bonus Longview Location? That would be the Valero at the corner of Gilmer Road and Hawkins Parkway. Inside the store is Coop's Hot Dogs and More. They have several hot dog combos with fries and a drink for 4.69.

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