Debt debate has begun to affect East Texas

Debt debate has begun to affect East Texas

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The debt debate continues... President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner went head-to-head on network television, Monday night---each making their case to the American people on the best way to deal with the nation's debt ceiling.

In fact the president urged folks in East Texas and across the country to call their representatives to let them know what the people want.

Not even a day later, a big announcement from the Social Security Administration---they're still open for business, but the doors will be closing a little earlier at the end of the day.

Money, plain and simple, is the reason behind the decision. Services will be the same.

The only difference is, instead of closing at 4, the office will close at 3:30 starting August 15th.

Workers will keep their regular hours, but the shorter public hours is supposed to help cut down on overtime.

This change is actually part of the current budget, not the one being debated in Washington, right now. But the way things are going, there's still no certainty that'll be the case in the future.

It'll be a first for the Tyler Social Security Office, which is already under a hiring freeze, along with offices across the country.

District Manager Leo Rossler says the administration, now, operates on $1B less than what it had in the previous budget.

The concern, "If the new budget is cut, then obviously decisions will have to be made on a national level," explained Rossler, "We really just don't know what's going to happen."

If there isn't an agreement, the President says the nation will pay the price---in Social Security checks, and other benefits.

Obama called on America to, "let your Member of Congress know."

Things were fairly quiet at Representative Louie Gohmert's district office, on Tuesday.
But, we weren't the only ones trying to log on to his government website---the server was over loaded.

Gohmert tells KLTV his phone calls have been mixed.

"Running 10 to one. 10 saying hang in there, don't give in unless we get some serious cuts to this deficit spending, and one saying just go along with what the president says to do," says Gohmert, "If you don't cut spending and change your philosophy, we're going to end up with a much larger government."

"We clearly need to do something about Medicare, Social Security, but they can be fixed without crippling them," Gohmert explained.

Local party leaders do agree on one thing: compromise may not come.

The deadline is still, August 2nd.

Representative Gohmert says he and several other house republicans aren't too fond of speaker Boehner's plan because the cuts don't cut spending enough.

Gohmert says some major changes would have to be made before he could support the plan.

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