Tougher regulations coming soon for sale of scrap metal

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Beginning in September, there will be tougher regulations to sell scrap metal in Texas. And one scrap metal business owner tells KLTV he does not know if new regulations will deter criminals.

Scrap metal business owner Ken Ferrera says the root of the problem is underground businesses not going by regulations, meaning there's no paper trail of the transaction.

He says the answer to stopping these thefts would be more policing of these bad businesses.

"Anytime you have regulation, there are people that are going to operate without the regulation. Which makes it unfair for the people that are doing everything right. So now you have a guy instead of paying 3.40 or 3.60 for a pound of copper, he'll pay 2.60 because the guy doesn't have to give him an I.D., " explained Ferrera.

Three scrap metal companies in Tyler have already implemented the new regulations taking effect September 1st.

Right now, businesses are required to document the seller's driver's licence, vin number and make-and-model of their car before buying their copper.

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