Families For Troops To Come Home

With the news that mobilization has begun to replace troops in Iraq, many East Texas families are optimistic the tension of waiting would soon be over. Welcome news to people like Gregg County resident Pam Mason, whose son John will come home to be discharged.

"He will be home on the 16th for good, he got his final orders Tuesday and he said he can sign out on the 16th," says Mason. Some have agonized over waiting like Michelena Boehmer who only through an error in paperwork kept her brother Patrick from being on a helicopter which recently crashed.

"Finding out that it was blown up and he should have been on it was very scary, and then finding out he was ok was a relief" said Boehmer. For others like Englishman David Benson, his son Stephen serving in the navy isn't even a citizen yet, and the news of redeployment is bittersweet.

"But it's almost a good thing with and edge to it.  You don't know when they'll be called back again," Benson said. Now they all wait for the phone call that their someone is on the way. Some still opposed our presence in Iraq, and longed for an end to it.

"I don't believe what the politicians are saying, the reasons we're over there I don't believed that I don't really understand it, I don't support the reasons we're over there.  I support our troops though," said Boehmer.

But all know the job their loved ones were asked to do. Families will find out over the next few months when their loved ones will come home.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.