NFL padded practice limits VS. high school 2-a-days

NFL padded practice limits VS. high school 2-a-days

Lindale, TX (KLTV) - Now that the lockout is over, teams can getting ready for the NFL season. But some big changes are in place. Now each NFL team is limited to 14 full padded practices each season. Which is a major change to what we've seen in the past.

How does this line up with the high school level two-a-days? Lindale High School football head coach Mike Meador tell us this is not something he could see at the High School level. "as a coach I can't imagine preparing for the combat game that happens on a Sunday afternoon, Sunday night and only practicing full contact for one time, and for three times, I could see that, but only one time, I just don't think that you could be prepared the way you need to."

Some football fans we talked to are thinking the same way. Carl Dockery says, "in high school you have contact what four times, besides Friday your game, but that's stupid with all the rules and stuff like that."

So while the professional level limits their time of padded practices, the high school levels look to continue two-a-days to prepare for the upcoming games. Coach Meador says, "I think you've got to be prepared to go out there and do that and if you only practice once a week, full contact, I don't know that you can do that properly."

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