Gift of Love: Brenden

Gift of Love: Brenden

He loves the great outdoors, now all he needs is a forever family to join him on his adventure through childhood.

It's an afternoon of baiting and casting for Brenden and I at the Fishing Hole in north Tyler. Fishing is one of Brenden's favorite things, along with hunting and anything else that has to do with being outdoors.

"I'm a sports kinda guy. I like football. The Cardinals are my favorite team. I like to travel too," says Brendon.

He likes to play basketball and baseball. This 13-year-old also like to create things with his hands.

"I have made a little titanic boat. It took me about 4 years to make and I finished it last year," said Brendon.

As for school, Brenden just finished the 6th grade. He's in regular classes and a little behind in Reading, Math and Spelling.

Brenden says he did much better the last semester and even got "commended" on his TAKS test!

When not at school, Brenden likes to hang with his friends.