Longview father and sons make national music

Longview father and sons make national music

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- An East Texas assistant principal and his sons are making the national limelight, as a piece of music they performed is selected for a talent contest. The song encourages you to wake up seize the day. Written by dad Harold Jackson, and sons 17 year old Matthew and 9 year old Micah , all of Longview. They got the idea from what Mrs Jackson says every morning.

"Every morning she says good morning sunshine, so I said well we'll just go with that," says Harold. In two weeks they came up with the song, to enter a CNN morning express rise and shine song contest. Figuring you never know unless you try.

"One day my wife saw a couple of the people that were singing in this and she said you've got to get in this," Harold says.

"I've got people all the time say I can't sing and you hear them sing and its phenomenal but the don't want to do anything with it so its a good thing to do something with that talent that you got," Matthew says.

Jackson, an eleventh grade assistant principal at Pine Tree High School, never thought it would get this big.

"We prayed , the next morning I got an e-mail that said we'll be using your video," says Harold.

"I was just sitting there and I was like oh my goodness we are on t-v right now," says Matthew.

If Jackson and his sons win the contest , they'll get to record the song in a professional studio. The song is already available on I-tunes.

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